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What Bob's Customers Say

“We asked Bob Johnson to coordinate an estate sale after hearing a glowing recommendation of his incomparable professionalism, unparalleled customer service and his rock-solid ethical standard.

All true? An emphatic, resounding and certifiable YES!

Bob met with us and explained the process, orchestrated the staging, and carried out the sale. The first inkling the sale would be successful was seeing more than 200 people in 60 cars waiting for the sale to begin.

The next day, Bob called us to announce the sale was over. Everything was sold, except for a few items he would take to auction. What an unbelievable feeling of relief. It was over, done and the house was empty. And, the process was so easy. All we did was call Bob, and he did the rest.

We’ve made some wonderful decisions in our collective life, but this was by far one of the best: we entrusted the estate sale to Bob Johnson.

We strongly suggest you do the same.”

Mark & Becky Olson
Greeley, CO


Dear Bob,

We've wrapped up the results of our successful photographic print auction of November 3, 2007. Our members are very pleased with the entire event where you played such a key role.

It started with the fact that you have such a comprehensive system for making the auction proceed smoothly and you were able to coach us very effectively in the key roles of auction helpers, print runners and cashiers. Your professional experience and willingness to help enabled us to do our jobs efficiently and put on an auction event that was enjoyed both by our patrons and members.

The enthusiasm and energy that you put into the auction kept the audience engaged and energized through the sale of the entire 70 prints. You exhibited a very good balance of encouraging optimum bids but not letting the auction bog down when the maximum bid had been reached. Everyone had fun.

It was a pleasure to work with you on a personal basis as well with your enthusiasm carrying through to our entire team working on the auction. Thank you so much, hopefully there will be opportunity for us to work on an auction again.

Donald J. Reilly, V.P.
Loveland Photographic Society


Bob first was retained to appraise the contents of my ranch house in Weld County, CO; then my home in Pasadena, CA and finally the furnishings owned by my mother's estate. In all retentions he proceeded carefully and thoroughly with great attention to detail and admirable perserverance.

Phil Sotel, Pres., Lost Creek Land & Cattle Co
Pasadena, CA


Dear Bob,

Tama and I wanted to thank you for the professional job you folks did in administering the auction at our property in Lafayette, CO. As this was our first auction experience, we were very cautious and interviewed several auction companies before selecting you. During the interview process, we discovered many of the details that differentiate the auctioneers and their businesses. We discovered that Bob Johnson Auction and Appraisal had an extremely reasonable rate structure, and more importantly a solid reputation of being able to attract the right buyers for the product mix in any sale.

Much to our pleasure, after selecting your company we were amazed at the amount of effort you demonstrated in making the sale a success. You worked "hand-in-hand" with us to move items from the home, prepare the demonstration areas and ensure the security of the sale items. You took care of all the ancillary needs for the comfort and enjoyment of the buyers and prepared for all areas of the auction. The crew you brought in to work the auction was well prepared and worked together nicely. During the auction you left no stone, or available sale item, unturned. It was amazing to see you work the buyer group without spending too much time on items that obviously were not interesting them. The auction was completed in about 5 hours and, due to your auctioning talents and pre-planning in the sale order, you were able to retain a solid buying group right to the end. You exceeded all of our expectations in terms of professionalism and sale results.

In closing, Tama and I recognize the great job you did and want to sincerely thank you. Please feel free to refer any prospective clients to us or to utilize this letter in any promotional effort. Again, thank you!

Eric & Tama Anderson


Dear Bob,

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did in helping me settle my husband's estate. This was a very emotional time for me and my family and it was wonderful to have you there to take care of every detail. I found you and your staff to be extremely efficient, knowledgeable, and thoughtful during this stressful time. Your hard work and attention to detail produced results that were beyond my expectations. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional auction company.

Sue DeCamp


Dear Bob,

Thank you so much for being our auctioneer for the Sundancer Gala on Saturday. Your efforts and energy helped us to raise $60,950 during the oral auction and paddle raisers.

We hope you will be willing to do it again next year!

Many thanks,
The Sundancer Committee
Our Lady of Fatima Church & School


Dear Bob,

It seems appropriate this Holiday Season for me to give thanks to some pretty important people for their time and hard work for the Loveland Sculpture Invitational Show & Sale. Bob, I just can't thank you enough for all the hours you put in to make the Auction efforts and so many other activities successful. You know there's no way we could pull this off without YOU and the countless others who worked so hard. It takes so many volunteers, such as yourself, to put on a show of this size and caliber. I am truly grateful for your contribution this past year.

Hope to see you next year!

Denise S. Erbes, Coordinator
Loveland Sculpture Invitational Show & Sale


Dear Bob,

The Friends of Baseball consider Bob Johnson to be one of the pillars of the program's success. Your enthusiasm, dedication, and skill as an auctioneer have not only made the benefits fun, they have brought in much needed dollars for the area's youth baseball.

I would not consider anyone else for our event or my personal business.

Bill Bonner
Friends of Baseball


Dear Bob,

I am writing this letter to thank you and express my appreciation of your services. As you know, my law firm handles divorce cases that often lead to disputes over property and value to be placed on various items of personal property. Thus, we often require a professional appraiser to provide a value and end the dispute.

In the past, when I have handled cases requiring an appraisal of personal property, I have called you to provide that service, as you came highly recommended from other attorneys throughout the Denver metro area. After working with you, I can see why they recommended you so highly.

There are several reason why I prefer to use your services over others. First, you have extensive knowledge regarding the value of various items including, but not limited to, cars, guns, tools and furniture-items frequently involved in dissolutions. Second, on occasions I have asked for an appraisal of an item about which you did not have personal knowledge, you have conducted thorough research to find a value, including consulting your connections in the field. Third, even though you oftentimes must go into tense situations with individuals who have objected to your presence, you are able to deal with people in both a non-threatening and non-evasive manner. Finally, your reports and appraisals are provided in a timely, efficient manner. Your reports are always easy to read and court-ready.

I appreciate your help and hard work. You are a true professional. I will not hesitate to contact you whenever I am in need of a personal property appraiser, and I will highly recommend your services to others.

Cheryl A. Miller, Esq.
Pendergast & Associates



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